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We Love Building Products …

But we don't build anything just because we find it interesting, instead, behind each one of our products lies a problem that we face in our daily lives, and because we didn't find an existing, good enough solution to it, we took the responsibility to solve it for everyone. Also, coming from developing societies, we always felt it's important that our products are not just great but affordable as well. We hope we'd be able to continue doing our bit by building great products that make life better.

Now In Production

Flixpack, Net My Store & TxtPad


Flixpack lets you experience movies with your circle. Review, Recommend, Relive Movies!

Flixpack is your tool to punch and discover great movies with friends.

When it comes to movies, we trust our friends for recommendations. We don't really care about ratings. When a friend says it's a #mustwatch movie, we know exactly what she means. Don't we? Flixpack is all this and a lot more. We punch movies, give our verdicts, recommend to friends, maintain watchlists & have fun.

  • FREE
  • Bring in your friends from Facebook, Twitter, G-plus
  • Connect with Movie Lovers across the Globe
  • Converse about Movies, Like & Comment
  • Punch & Recommend Movies
  • Discover great Movies to Watch
  • Find Free Movies (to watch online)
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Net My Store

Self managed online stores for everyone. Start your own
e-commerce shop instantly.

Start Your Own Online Shop, Instantly, with Net My Store.

Net My Store provides ready made, customizable and self managed e-commerce shops. Every shop comes with it's own Store Manager application for managing your online shop. You need not know any programming or technology. We help you focus on your business while we take care of the technical stuff.

  • Rs.499 per month only
  • Customizable, Self Managed Online Shops
  • Add Unlimited Products & Pages
  • Free and Premium Themes
  • White Labelled (Own Branded)
  • Use Your Own Custom Domain
  • No Transaction Fees
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TxtPad lets you create notes on the move and stores them privately on the cloud.

Create Notes from SMS, Tweets, Chrome & Web.

If you are one of us who are on the move all day, you'd love this app. TxtPad lets you create notes via SMS or Tweets and organizes them automatically by hashtags. You could extract notes from web pages too.
Next time when you need to save some info quickly, use TxtPad.

  • FREE
  • Create Notes from SMS & Tweets
  • Save Notes on the Cloud
  • Access from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Auto-Organizes Notes with Hashtags
  • Noteboards that Auto-Pin Notes
  • Google Chrome Plugin Available
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