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Here's a little about us, the team @ Studio 21,
who we are, how we work and what drives us
- all uncensored!


Two childhood friends quit their awesome jobs to start the studio, the third friend joins in soon.

Net My Store

First product, first beta released. Today Net My Store powers hundreds of small businesses across the Globe.


Born out of an internal training project, TxtPad, became an instant hit as a quick note app and a tweet archive. Ask us for invites.


The latest from the studio, built along with a few new partners - old friends, Flixpack is on it's way to change the movie industry forever.

The Mantra

Build awesome products that make life easy.

Rule of the land Studio

First Rule: Break rules, make no more rules and never break this rule.

We Love …

Startups. Technology. Movies. Cricket. Movies. Video Games. Movies. Cricket. Technology. Movies. Startups. Travel. Movies. Photography. You know what we mean!

People First

For us people are above everything. The very purpose of our existence. Without people neither there will be any Studio 21 nor our products.

Performance & Excellence

We are driven by performance, which we value the most. Excellence is a habit for us and we ensure we leave our signature in whatever we do.

Transparent, Ethical & Compassionate

As a company, we are transparent, ethical and compassionate and we prefer to be like that in every situation.

Fun Factor

We take our work very seriously and the fun part even more seriously. No one messes with that. We work hard and we truly party harder.

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